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Tattoo Ink Reversal


At Guns 2 Roses, we do tattoo ink reversal as well as tattoo application and tattoo cover ups. 

It could be because your life has changed, and you want to set a different course, it could be because you have a poorly done tattoo, or it could be for a multitude of reasons.

Our tattoo reversal procedure is proprietary, so we will not go into great detail here on the web site, but we will tell you our method does not have a harder time removing some colors than others, it does not burn the skin, is no more painful than getting the tattoo in the first place. 

No tattoo removal system is perfect, and with any tattoo process or removal process, some discomfort is experienced, and there is always some form of long tern scaring present, although usually not noticeably with our exclusive reversal process.  While no guarantees or claims are made by us or the manufacturer of our tattoo reversal system products, clients report a great deal of success reversing unwanted tattoos.

The cost is about the same as getting a small to medium medium sized tattoo, usually between $50 - $300.  Additional sections if needed are $50 - $200 each, but sometimes one session is enough.

Stop by our studio anytime and Gary can give you more information. 

Don't continue to live with tattoos you no longer want, have them reversed by a professional.

Our system is less painful than laser removal, and is much better at removing difficult colors, even white!




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