These are actual photos of my Kodak Professional DCS Pro SLR/N.  This is the finest camera ever made (no exaggeration according to many professional photographers like famous Nikon photographer Thom Hogan)   My copy looks and acts like a New In Box camera, always well cared for, not a scratch on it.  No cleaner copy has ever been sold on eBay.   I am the owner of a photography equipment review site called so I have experience in camera equipment issues.   The Kodak SLR series of cameras is the best high resolution studio cameras ever made to do portraits, and controlled lighting applications like product shoots.  Where this camera shines over that of today's D3, D3x & D3s is those cameras do not have a 160 ISO setting, the sweet spot for luxurious detail on skin.  No finer ISO exists, and this is the only camera made of this high resolution detail to offer it, unless you spent fifty thousand dollars or more. This camera is a favorite of Hollywood for shooting posters for theater lobbies and still work inside the motion picture industry.   This copy was never used in day to day operations inside my 30 year old photography business, but just brought out if the client required a specialized shot when we needed to get the very very very best results.  Otherwise, we relied on our Nikon bodies like our D3.   This camera does a better job in the studio than a D3, hands down, if you know what you are doing.  This is a tool, a specialized tool, and can give you tremendous results.

  • These comments from DPReview
  • Very high resolution!
  • Excellent dynamic range with over one stop of extra data in RAW and ERI-JPEG images
  • Improved color response, more vivd and 'punchy' than the DCS-14n
  • Ability to produce very sharp lower resolution images if that is what you want
  • Full frame 35 mm size sensor, offers excellent wide angle shooting
  • ERI-JPEG offers 'RAW like' image recovery for overexposed images
  • On-screen histogram displays extended dynamic range
  • Job Tracker / IPTC support in-camera
  • Lightweight and high capacity battery pack
  • Dual storage (Compact Flash & Secure Digital / MMC)
  • Ultra Low Noise at ISO 160
  • Good image buffering and write speeds for RAW files, considerably slower for JPEG
  • Has RAW+JPEG capability (even split by media format)
  • Supplied neck and hand strap
  • Firewire (IEEE 1394) connectivity with remote computer control
  • GPS data support via serial port
  • Voice annotation feature (built-in mic)
  • Excellent RAW conversion software (DCS Photo Desk 4)
  • Value for money (you get a lot of resolution for your money)


Guns 2 Roses Is The areas Largest Tattoo/Piercing

studio Dedicated To One Artist

At 54, Gary is one of the most experienced body artist in the Midwest

having done over 35,000 procedures, both piercings and tattoos

Gary has been in business in Nebraska for over 25 years

is the only body artist in Nebraska to be licensed as a jeweler

owned a jewelry store for many years &

has the largest selection of body jewelry in Nebraska

Trusted by the Government and the Body Arts industry

Gary serves as an Body Arts Instructor for the State of Nebraska and

has served as a hand picked judge for the "Worlds Largest Tattoo Convention"

chosen by Mario Barth (seven time world champion tattoo artist)

to be center judge of hundreds of tattoo artists from around the world

Gary was the first body arts practitioner to *combine:

1: Sterile ink in single dose one client packaging

 2: Sterile tattoo machines w/ vacuum occlusion

3: Numb procedures with OTC medications

(*first introduced nationally by Gary at the 2005 "Worlds Largest Tattoo Convention")

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