Gary has been capturing and printing portraits for over twenty years.


Yes Gary is an artist, and yes he has been spending much of his business time doing

 body arts over the past eight years, but he has also been busy clicking away.


Gary attends several outdoor events each year and does

a few people pictures at each event.


Gary also has a portrait studio (coming soon) at his home on Stagecoach Lake


as well as his studio on North 27th Street.




Gary can get a portrait of you on your motorcycle


or collecting body art in his studio. 




Gary also goes on location to capture images of friends and family.



Everything from babies to girlfriends are fair game for Gary's cameras.


You can dress up, or Gary will shoot you as you are!


Bring your friends and use them as backgrounds

or pose by yourself.


The motorcycle shot was done at 3 a.m.(Yep a.m.) in pitch black darkness with camera strobes.

Notice her pose as her friends act like interesting props to make the photograph more interesting.

Gary does much of his own printing on his very high grade printers with photo grade papers.

Gary can do photo grade printing up to 40 x 60 and larger!

Prices start at just $10 for one 8 x 10 with 9 wallets thrown in!

12 x 18 is just $25 with a free 8 10!

20 x 30 start at $50 and 40 x 60 start at $95.

Packages with dozens of photos start at $395.


Never a setting fee (but we do have a rather full tip jar!)


More images can be seen on his Portfolio Page


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