As you can see below, Gary's interests range from Military craft (yes Gary has worked at the request of our flying men and women) to little babies.

From Planes, Trains, to Automobiles,  and everywhere in between, Gary has covered it over the past 25 plus years.

With over a million images taken, Gary is constantly looking for new photographic opportunities.

Below are just a few moments from this decade.



Notice the images

were taken from 20 feet in the air?


We have mobile scissors lift to get the shots!


Want your event done with this degree of detail?


Call Gary to book your event at 402-217-5000






Gary was invited by the Military to capture these images for them on 3-28-08 as part of a Military exercise.  WOW! 


Gary worked these shots to give the impression the shots were taken in a far away conflict,

when in fact it was a Military exercise right here in Lincoln Nebraska.

We wish to thank the Military for inviting Gary to capture these images.  Remember next year, on the helicopter, right Guys!!


Trains, planes, and automobiles have always interested Gary, even if it is just car parts hanging in an old tree.

That woman on the tracks is Karen, Gary's wife of twenty five years!  That is not a trick shot using Photoshop.

That train is moving sixty miles an hour and we did some fast moving to get the shot.  The trick.  The train was going, not coming.


Macro/Micro so small you barely notice it to noises deafening in the sky.


People are Gary's greatest fascination, and one of the more difficult areas of photography to master.


Sometimes people are posing as one, or in groups, or hard at work.


Gary is one of the Nations leading body artists having done over 30,000 procedures so many of his photographic subjects are wearing his work.


Pets are one of the more difficult challenges to a photographer as well as women and babies.


Sometimes people pose, sometimes people get captured in the moment.


People can smile or just give the camera a special look.  Gary looks for it all.


Gary finds light and shadows in some interesting places.


Motorcycles have always played a big part in Gary's life and that shows through in his images.


From serious portraiture, to dramatic events in peoples lives, Gary captures it all.



People have interesting sides to them, some sides you may never have noticed before.


Outdoors can come alive with the right photographer to capture it for you.


Let Gary grab at your light and shadows to produce some wonderful memories for you today!

More images being added. Check back soon!















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