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Minors & Body Arts




What Age Is Right?


Guns 2 Roses does acknowledge that minors are a viable and important

part of our society and that they do have a right

to express themselves with Piercings & Tattoos with parental consent..


Guns 2 Roses requires a parent be present with the minor to

sign the release form and stay during the piercing and or tattoo.  


The paperwork process is easy & pretty simple:

You must present four (4) items at the time of your body arts request:


1: Willing parent

2: Minor, wanting the working end of a needle!  (just kidding)

3: Photo ID of minor (School Photo ID, Dept. of Motor Vehicles, Military, Government)

4: Parent Photo ID (Dept. of Motor Vehicles, Military, Government)

(if your last names are different, you must also present a document showing your relationship to the minor.  Insurance card, birth cert., etc.)

That is it paperwork wise!  Pretty easy!


A little more details about the body arts.


We do not pierce minors below the neck with the exception of the navel.

Because we feel it is better to get a piercing or tattoo from a professional rather than a fellow student in the men's room of the gymnasium at school, Guns 2 Roses encourages all adults to talk to your children and learn to let them be in charge of their bodies as much as is prudent.  Only a parent can know where that line is. 

We reserve the right to refuse service. We will not pierce or tattoo anyone we suspect is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

(We would hope minors under the guidance of an adult would never be intoxicated, but we live in a very strange world.)

Life is great! Share this experience we call "Life on Earth" by enjoying all that life has to offer with your child.  Putting a piercing in your body is part of growing up, and you can learn something about yourself by reliving your youth through them. 

Share that joy with your child.  What could it hurt?



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