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 available to shoot model portfolios, engagement, boudoir,


glamour, pinup, fetish, as well as portraits of family, friends, pets, vehicles


In Our Giant Studio!       Best photography studio in Nebraska!



Your special day, event or personal photographs captured on

Quality Digital Prints, Canvas, Coffee Table Books or Giant Posters.


 All kinds of packages available, the choice is yours. All photos printed and ready within

15 working days or less in most cases.


 Most of his work comes from recommendations and happy customers. Many have come from generations of

 families. It's wonderful to see our customers happy with their photographs.


No job to large or too small just ask for details and I'll be happy to sit down and

sort out a package which is right for you.


Gary Mayo has been a business owner and photographer in the Lincoln area for over 30 years.

In that time, he has seen the industry undergo a vast and relentless change on a constant if not daily

basis.  The photography industry is almost totally pure digital now.  This is a huge improvement over

what past generations had to deal with in the art of photography.


Some of Gary's first cameras looked like these first two

 pictures at left.  Today his equipment looks and acts much

 different, with one primary exception:  Gary is still looking

 for Light.  Pure, Clean Light falling on his subject so he can

 capture it in his little boxes and keep it forever! 



In the pages to follow, you will see Gary

has his own style of capturing people, places and memories in his

little boxes. Below is pictured some of Gary's newer

 equipment he uses today.  One item alone in the photograph below costs more than

 almost any wedding photographer fees, even the most expensive ones.  Good equipment is costly,

and only the very best images are taken with the very best equipment.  Equipment however does not

make up for experience.  When experience and superior equipment come together

you have the basis of exceptional images.

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