Gary Mayo has been involved in many aspects of photography beginning with 35mm in 1978. Sometimes deriving his sole income as a professional, other times only his pleasure while perusing other business interests. From Layout to Lighting, Sales to Financing, Film to Darkroom, Digital to Post Processing and finally Weddings, Book Publishing & Large Format Printing which is where his love of photography has led him to today.


"Over the years and

countless photographs,

the only constant remains quality glass,

everything else evolves, sometimes daily."

Gary's first camera in college was a borrowed 35mm with a name he cannot remember, nor could pronounce at the time. Later he advanced to a borrowed Pentax K1000. That was living! He took as many pictures as he could and nearly lived the college darkrooms. Film was a real bother looking back on it Gary says. Other guys had babes and beer, Gary had 35mm film and stainless steel darkroom pans.

In school, Gary was drawn to the 'rich kids' with those Nikon camera straps, and he longed for the possibility of 3.5 frames per second with their clunky motor drives, and the endless possibilities of f/1:1.4 glass. He hoped someday to have a Nikon strap around his neck.

Because Gary was as poor as a church mouse, his first camera out of college was not a Nikon, but a Minolta X700 with several lenses and a Vivitar flash, all purchased at K-Mart for half price on sale. For several years it was his baby, and produced many wonderful memories that live on today.

Gary try's to not come off as an 'expert' as no one likes a KNOW-IT-ALL, however he has seen and done a few things in the photography arena over the many years.  Gary watched his Cousin win The Academy Award for 'Best Cinematography' and he try's to bring the same award winning dedication to his work that his cousin brought to his.


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